I’ll Take Manhattan

20 04 2016

New York City

Wanna know why John Kasich has stayed in the race well beyond the expiration date on his milk jug?

Here’s why:


New York County, coterminous with the borough of Manhattan, where Donald Trump lives and where he made his fortune, was Kasich’s only county win in the state last night.  Albeit not by that much, and with a total Republican voting universe way less than the Democrats.  However, Manhattan is also where the national news media are based, so this means that Kasich, being the favorite of the admittedly scant Republican wing of the mainstream national news media, is being puffed up well beyond his size simply because he’s got an “in” to the media. This is making Kasich a celebrity, and he doesn’t want to give this up any sooner than they won’t keep on giving him celebrity status anymore.

He took Manhattan.

But not The Bronx or Staten Island, too.



The 82% in Richmond County (Staten Island) bodes very well for Trump in New Jersey, on June 5, which is the final primary day this season, because I am told that Staten Island has much more of a Jersey feel than even a Brooklyn or Queens feel.  Though since Trump got 64% in Brooklyn and 68% in his native Queens, one wonders if that really matters.

Also note that Ted Cruz’s second place finish in Kings County (Brooklyn) was only one of two second place finishes in the state for him.  The only other was Wyoming County, a rural county in the western part of the state that is east of Buffalo, a county that has been on average in the last several Presidential cycles the second reddest in the state.  And even there, Cruz barely eked out second over Kasich, but was light years behind Trump.

I think last night was TKO in both parties.




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20 04 2016
David In TN

Yes, primary wins like last night mean a TKO in presidential campaigns. They also have a spillover effect.

But not to the cucks at NRO. Their headline today is “Nothing Changed Yesterday-And Trump is Still Not on a Path To the Nomination.”

20 04 2016

Change the name of the river between Maryland and Virginia from Potomac to Denial.

Even though Kasich was able to nab a few delegates out of NYS last night, thanks to him winning Manhattan, he’s still behind Marco Rubio in the del count, and Rubio has dropped out.

20 04 2016

Everyone is analyzing Cruz finishing in 3rd in the wrong way. The conventional wisdom is that Cruz can’t possibly win the nomination now. The problem with that analysis is that he was never going to win the nomination; the party establishment and other interested forces were just using him to cock block Trump, but they no more want Cruz to get the nomination than they do Trump. All that remains to be figured out is if Cruz knows he’s being used and is letting it happen in exchange for consideration, or if he’s so blinded by his life long ambition to be President that he’s living in a state of blissful ignorance.

20 04 2016


But, he carried the Trump Tower and environs precinct with 52%, better than his total Manhattan take of 42%.

20 04 2016
Illinois Cuckblocker

Cuckservatism will reign again.

20 04 2016
Alex the Goon

New York County officially the most racist county in the country. Not ONE of them voted for Ben Carson, even though he was on the ballot.

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