20 04 2016


I didn’t take this from Slay’s presser that he wasn’t going to seek another term as mayor, but someone’s thinking that Slay actually is thinking about greener, statewide, pastures.

It’s obviously too late for 2016, and the only thing up in 2018 is auditor, and someone like Francis Slay isn’t going to want to be state auditor.  And I doubt he would want to be anything less than Governor.  The problem is this:  If he’s thinking about Governor in 2020, obviously he would run as a Democrat, it means that he has no confidence in Chris Koster this year.  If that’s the case, then Slay and I are polar opposites on handicapping Mr. Koster’s political chops — I think he might as well measure for drapes at 100 Madison right now, because none of the Republicans running have sense enough to oppose RTW.



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20 04 2016

Eric Greitens, one of the no hope no chance novelty Republican candidates for Governor, has broken with his party’s mainstream.

Not on RTW, which would make political sense.

No, he’s joining forces with World War T to oppose SJR 39.

20 04 2016

How would a democratic long time mayor of St. Louis have a chance to win Governor with his positions on gay marriage (issuing licenses in contravention of existing state law), gun rights, abortion, etc?

20 04 2016

Vince Schoemel in 1992. He was way more mainstream relative to the state than Slay is today, yet, Mel Carnahan easily beat him in the Democrat primary. I don’t imagine any Slay campaign turning out any better.

I don’t think Slay is serious about a statewide run for anything; he’s just probably keeping his options open just in case. He’ll be 65 years old in 2020.

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