Blacks Sue Business For Not Engaging In Racial Profiling

21 04 2016


The world just got a little bit loonier:

Attorney Chris Hurley said the 7-Eleven’s operator knew the area surrounding the store suffered from high street crime and should have had well-trained security that could have prevented the actions that led to Gaines’ death.

But if the cops do it, the blacks and lawyers would be caterwauling about MUH RAYSHUL PWOFYLYNG and MUH DISPIT IMPAK.

Alternatively, I could have entitled this post:

Save Yourself From Lawsuits, Use Countenance Blog’s Wicked Racial Profiling Trick.





3 responses

21 04 2016

Black violence vs Rahm’s hashtag. I wonder who will win.

22 04 2016

When the 7-11 is sued out of business, they’ll start bitching about muh food dezzert.
You just can’t win.

22 04 2016
Stan d Mute

Hah! I addressed this with detailed description of the dynamic in reply to your next post above. It really should be known as the First Universal Law of Negro Behavior or maybe Stan’s First Law of Negro Behavior.

Note the corollary to this law is the law which governs whitey’s reaction to it. Invariably, this described negro behavior will result in some significant percentage of whites feeling guilt and demanding ^other^ whites pay some price in penitence. There will also be other whites who demand payment to the negroes but only as a pragmatic (they claim) means of temporarily suspending the negro noise and misbehavior so that some worthy goal might be achieved (typically wealth for this second group). We might name this Stan’s First and Second Laws of White Accommodation to Negroes.

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