To Every Thing There Is a Purpose

22 04 2016

Richmond, Virginia

The purpose of Terry McAuliffe running for and winning the office of Virginia Governor has always been to help HRC win Virginia.

And ole Terry came through today with flying colors.

Except that this the era of the social justice warrior, so he might get in some trouble for this statement:

Gov. Terry McAuliffe today signed an order restoring the voting rights of 206,000 ex-felons, a sweeping action the governor said was aimed at rectifying Virginia’s “long and sad history” of suppressing African-American voting power.

SJWs may give him a hard time for so easily conflating “black” with “felon.”  Think I’m kidding?  Remember the SJW-infested white privilege teacher conference in Philadelphia last weekendSJWs are mad about how it was too white and therefore contained too much white privilege.




6 responses

22 04 2016
Stan d Mute

There will definitely be negroes who complain about the conflation of “negro” with “felon”. There will also definitely be negroes who complain about the release of all these criminals back into the negro community. It’s inevitable that some will scream about a “genocide” against negroes by sending violent criminals into their projects to prey on the helpless.

The reason for this is twofold: first, negroes are noisy. Anyone with even a small amount of experience among negroes is struck by the insane decibel level they produce. Second, negroes generally lack first principles and/or universal philosophical truths. So everything is just an immediate reaction to whatever they just saw or heard and processed in a vacuum. Criminals sent to negro ghettoes? An outrage! Negroes will be victimized! That this was specifically due to negroes whining about too many negroes imprisoned is irrelevant, whitey is blamed (*loudly*). That those negroes were imprisoned solely due to negroes crying about crime rates (predation by negroes upon negroes) is irrelevant, whitey ain’t protecting dem black folk. This has been so reliably repeated through history that it has proven itself a universal law like gravity. Every interaction or even lack of interaction between negroes and whites will always be met by extremely *loud* negro complaints of “racism”.

23 04 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Yeah, but the funny part is when none of these goofs bothers to vote cause she not blech. Suckers. Wait and see how little the blechs care about Hillary.

23 04 2016

These newly enfranchised felons won’t actually vote, for the most part. It’s just that they’ll be on the voter rolls, and someone will find a way to cast a vote in their names.

23 04 2016

Forty percent of them are probably White. Some of them might vote for Trump.

24 04 2016

Terry gets a case of the touchy feelies:

Yeah, sure, Terry, we really buy this reasoning.

In reality, hardly any of these new voters will actually vote. It’s just that they’ll wind up on the voter rolls some way (motor voter, etc.), and then someone will cast a vote in their name after hours on election day, magically, for HRC.

Speaking of Richmond, Virginia, that reminds me, where has our resident populist progressive (“Trump will win SC and nothing else”) been lately? I have a free dessert for him.

28 06 2016

[…] not predicting this and refusing to participate in the boilerplate sky-is-falling panic in earnest. We know why Terry McAuliffe did it, to swing Virginia for the Clintons, as this is why the Clinton machine spent so much energy […]

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