Pulling the Rug From Under Yourself

23 04 2016


City murder pace in 2016 is about on par with last year’s.

And the cause of it all?

You guessed it:

“We have a problem with gun violence we have too many guns on our streets we have a problem with our guns laws.” said Police Captain Mary Warneke.

Statistics indicate more than 8,500 illegally owned firearms were removed from the streets by officers in the last six years.

If you’re going to make a bullshit exculpatory man-behind-the-tree argument, Capt. Warneke, you would do well for yourself not to let the local news sources undercut your own argument in the next sentence.  In fact, the next sentence actually undercuts her own argument twice.  Let’s see how alert and awake is my peanut gallery.  The race to the gold star starts….NOW.




4 responses

24 04 2016
Area Man

If the majority of guns used in crimes are illegal now, making them more illegal wont change anything.

24 04 2016

Not what I was thinking, but it is good thinking, and it’s also a third way it undercuts.

24 04 2016

The gun laws permit seizing illegal weapons, so their gun laws are fine. also they only grabbed an average of fewer than 4 guns per day off the streets for the whole city.

25 04 2016

I’ll pay this off.

(1) Whatever problems they think there are with the gun laws, there are enough of them to seize 8500 guns in the city in the last six years.

(2) And their existence and enforcement has not prevented 2014, 2015 and (so far) 2016 from being way worse homicide years than in the recent years before then.

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