It’s a Sacrifice, I Know

24 04 2016

Benton Park West


Promising boxer killed in south St. Louis

Shots rang out in south St. Louis early Saturday morning leaving a local professional boxer dead.

Because in Bell Curve City, dindus never shoot guns.  Shots just ring out, out of the blue, or should that be black?

St. Louis city police have identified the victims as 26-year-old Michael Williams.

Fox those who knew the victim, they say he had a promising career ahead of him as a boxer.

By age 26, if he isn’t already big time in the boxing universe, then he’ll never be.

Reportedly Williams had just left the Chunky Boy Bar and Grill located in the 2900 block of South Jefferson around 1 a.m. when he was attacked.

People with any sort of promise or future wouldn’t be hanging around that area at that time of night.  Even though it’s on the edge between gentrified, expensive and white to the east and Bell Curve City to the west, with Jefferson Avenue itself being the dividing line.  And to beat all, this establishment is across Jefferson from a fire house.

Williams’s trainer says he worked hard everyday training in the ring at Cherokee Recreation Center in south St. Louis.

The Cherokee Recreation Center’s boxing program, where Knockout Martin Luther King was born.




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30 06 2016
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