Sunday Music Break

24 04 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Hotel Room

Fleetwood Mac and Highway 101 compare favorably to each other, in that they were both mixed sex groups (4+) who had tight harmonies in spite of that.

Both of these are 1987 songs.

College basketball players, starting with some on the University of Maryland team, have started a meme around one of the most underrated songs of the 1990s.  I am simultaneously cheering them on for reintroducing everyone to the song and cursing them for ruining the song with their stupid jigaboo dancing.  It is a song that I was able to learn pretty well for the piano, and slowing down the metronome enough, though it had to be faster than the second video below, it was a pretty special piano melody.  Also interesting here is that they’re reaching back to 20 year old songs for their memes, songs that are now so old that they themselves were either toddlers, infants, or not even born, when this song came out; at least for a moment, I don’t feel quite so old.  Next thing you know, we’ll find out they also binge watch Friends on DVD in their dorms.

But then I realize that I do feel quite that old.

How not jumping is the party anymore?

Daft Punk, which did this in 1998:

Has this as one of their current songs:

Off of an album called “Random Access Memories.”  Memories, as in alluding to the past.

If the newer song seems familiar to you, then it should — Samples from it are being used as talk radio bumper music.  It goes to show how middle aged we’re getting, if one of the more notable artists of our generation’s party music now has music that’s being used for talk radio bumpers.  Then I look it up and see the Daft Punk duo are now 40 and 41 years old; that explains everything.

My favorite Prince song is “Erotic City,” mainly because it has something of a goofy vibe.  Prince was really anal retentive about the copyrights, so that’s why I couldn’t find a YT video of it.





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24 04 2016
Alex the Goon

Prince: “They can have my song when they pry it out of my cold, dead ass.”

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