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24 04 2016


* “Just miles apart.”  And the significance of that is … ?  St. Louis City isn’t a geographically big city, so one shooting happening a mile and a half from another one doesn’t mean anything, because a mile and a half away might as well be a million miles and a half away.

* Remember Ook-Ook from August?  (Here, here and here ICYMI.)  There’s news on that front.  But I don’t think that will matter as much as TN v Garner considerations will.

* In related news, this happened a few days ago, and I’m surprised there haven’t been some angst and tensions over it.  Enough for Heather de la Wheelchair to roll around recording protests and developing riots.

* Mystery meat behaving badly.  The surname is Mongolian, which means he probably is.

* He’ll get his job as a cook back, and his new employer will even provide the uniforms and the room and board.  It’s just that the wages are very low, and he won’t like many of the fringe benefits.

* Last week, there was something of a minor sports controversy involving Cards fans, Cubs player Jason Heyward, and a non-existent racial slur, that was all a hoax peddled by Twitter SJW activists and the New York Daily News.  Of course, the good part about the hoax/nontroversy is that it was great cover to distract everyone from noticing that the Cubs won two of three in that series here.

* Justin Bieber may be a twit and an attention whore, but at least he’s got good taste in coffee.  Kaldi is one of the big four of St. Louis’s craft roast companies, the others being Thomas, Ronnoco and Chauvin.  Even though craft coffee is associated with people my generation and younger, the latter three were all in business before 1910; Kaldi is by far the newest of the bunch, started in 1994.  And, all four of them have their roasting plants in those flats around the railroads, the former river valley (Mill Creek?  River Des Peres?), around the area where 40 goes over Vandeventer, not far from the Ikea, and also close to the Macy’s, formerly Famous-Barr, warehouse.

* How Kingshighway got its name and its path.  In later years, there were plans for Kingshighway to extend southeasterly all the way to Broadway and Bellerive Park, in fact, what is now a divided Bellerive Avenue between its eastern cutoff before where Virginia Avenue meets I-55 and Dewey Avenue was built that way because it was supposed to be a visual match for Kingshighway’s own divided section on the north side between what is now MLK and its northern end at West Florissant Avenue.  But, I guess one thing led to another, and it all fell through, and Kingshighway was extended southward to end at Gravois.


* WaPo be like:  Nyah nyah nyah NYT, yerr not diverse enuff.

* “Conservative House members discuss strategy to combat Speaker Paul Ryan.”  One idea would be not to vote for him to be Speaker.

Oops, too late.  And, as I recall, many of them in this strategy meeting voted to make him Speaker.

* Quality political commentary, a lot of which echoes some of our themes in the Alt-Right, and half of it might as well have been written by Steve Sailer, in Vanity FairThat’s right, Vanity Fair.

* Accountability?  Whatchyoo talkin bout Willis?

Mildly interesting is that while she is known today as Shayna Steinger, back when she was confirmed to her position which allowed her to give 12 of the 19 9/11 hijackers their visas, she was working under the name Shayna Steinger Singh.  Now, Singh is also the surname of the golfer Vijay Singh, who has three major championships and three yearly tour money titles in his career, and that was impressive because he was able to do that in the Tiger Woods era, and he is Fijian.  What was she, a white (maybe also Jewish) woman doing with a Fijian last name?

* Missing here is speculating on any reasons why NYCDE diplomas were made worthless.  You know which blog you’re reading, so you have to know what I’m thinking.  In related news and speculation…

* Serious issues?  Something wrong with him?  With that face he’s making in his mugshot?  Naw, you don’t say.  It makes me wonder why he even got a scholarship in the first place if these “issues” of his have been known since he was in high school.

* Antidote to the supposed college campus rape epidemic, found.

* Remember, only the good tolerant progressive kind of white people go to Coachella.

* The idea that a Whole Paycheck (first clue) in Austin (second clue) would do this is laughable.  However, I can’t really feel sorry for Whole Paycheck here — This is the crowd they appeal to, so they only beg for hoaxes like these.

* Bernie could be like:  People are dying, and you’re worried about your precious progressivetard stack at a time like this?  I guess Bern doesn’t realize that time has passed him by; he doesn’t seem to be aware how thrown into identity politics is today’s mainstream left wing.

* We’ve been here many times before.  They either bitch about too much police or too little police.   The simple answer is that they like to hear themselves bitch about something.  But I also think that on some subconscious level, they think that cops are engaging in some sort of special brand of secret policing that results in white areas being relatively safe and without much abuse of power or actual enforcement, that they’re deliberately not doing in the ghetto.


* Should I make fun of them?  Or should I just give it a rest?


* The fancy name for this is “virtue signaling.”




15 responses

24 04 2016
Alex the Goon

If Libertarianland is open-border True Libertarian(tm), they’ll become Libertarianstan in under a week.

24 04 2016

It was precisely one year ago today that I posted about that place:

24 04 2016

Not sure if you were being sarcastic about the Singh name. I assumed you know that Singh is an Indian (the subcontinent) name. The Indians of Fiji are a very large percentage of the population.

Whether Jewish or not, her lack of diligence in her State Department work seems to be very reflective of her Indian marriage (and her possible Jewish heritage) and what I see in Indians in the U.S….they will never care about the U.S. and see Americans as people to fleece.

25 04 2016

I looked it up, and notice the Fijian flag has the Union Jack. So it probably was a matter of British mass importation of Indians for stoop labor.

24 04 2016
24 04 2016
Hard Right

24 04 2016
Hard Right

24 04 2016
24 04 2016
Hard Right

Who would watch it?

Ted Cruz lookalike cashes in on internet fame by agreeing to do porn with her boyfriend for $10,000… but says she is hurt by online comments comparing her to Republican candidate

24 04 2016
Alex the Goon

She might not actually look like Cruz at all, if she wasn’t so damn fat. Whoops. I guess I’m part of the problem. When a disgusting fat pig announces she’s going to “make a sex tape” “for money”, we’re supposed to be supportive and not notice she’s a disgusting fat pig. Shame on me. I’m grounded from the internet for the next 10 seconds.

25 04 2016
25 04 2016

She must be a Glenn Beck fan.

24 04 2016
David In TN

“The simple answer is they like to hear themselves bitch about something.”

The late Lawrence Auster wrote that blacks think of white people as devils but also as magical beings who can create wonderful things and could do the same thing for blacks if only they would.

25 04 2016
Stan d Mute

I’ve also been making this point for decades. Negroes have virtually zero comprehension of how the world works. They’re insanely jealous of what whites possess and unable to fathom how those possessions were acquired. A negro janitor, for example, will hate and resent the white CEO in the corner office who drives a Mercedes S-class. In his mind, the only difference between them is race. He believes that if he could simply occupy that corner office, he then would get (deservedly) all the goodies that whitey now gets. This is why negro CEO’s always fail. They don’t comprehend the 18 hour workday which is more lifestyle than job. This inability to comprehend turns their jealousy into rage. The fact that negroes often appear (socially) smarter than they are also compounds the problem and I suspect is the root of the epidemic of negro males killing white females. An IQ 70 negro may find an IQ 100 white female. But eventually that 30 point difference becomes unavoidably obvious and the negro’s ego drives him to destroy this horrible truth.

Sadly, this isn’t any more original to the late Auster than it is to me. There are books from over a century ago that show the phenomenon was well understood. As a society, we have chosen to ignore and forget reality. And there is always a very high price for ignoring reality.

25 04 2016
Hard Right

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