A New Gap for a New Week

25 04 2016

Jefferson City

How insignificant is the committee mentioned in this article?  I didn’t even know they were having this hearing when they actually had it.  That’s because it’s one of these short bus committees that the General Assembly leadership give to urban Democrats because they’re in such a severe numerical minority.

As far as the accusations, all I can say is that “similar” violations turn out not to be so similar.  This is how we wind up with the conventional wisdom that blacks who commit drug offenses get way more harsh criminal sanctions than whites who do, because a wide range of drug offenses are lumped into the same box.  Dealing crack is a drug offense, possessing enough weed for one doobie is also a drug offense.  And I think that’s what’s at work here.  Another factor is what the article states, that black daycare centers rely far more on state subsidies than white suburban ones, and it’s all a matter of he who pays the piper calls the tune.  If I’m paying this piper a lot of money and that other piper just a little bit, of course I’m going to be anal-retentive about how the one I’m paying a lot of money plays.  Yet another factor is that blacks will always bitch about something; with law enforcement, it’s either too much or too little; racism either way.  I think the state bureaucrats responsible for daycare enforcement would rather hear the blacks bitch about too much and disparate enforcement than do too little, let the black daycare centers degenerate, it winds up in some kid dying, and you have black bitching about the racism of non-enforcement and the PR nightmare of a dead kid’s blood being on your hands at the same time.




2 responses

25 04 2016

What is funny with the comment section is everyone saying ‘Hey, white kids should have as strict of daycare centers as black kids’
Also, one guy said he can’t believe the Post actually followed up on their claims of unequal enforcement.
My thought is for every infraction they lodge an official complaint for, there where probably 10 smaller infractions that didn’t make the list, where the white daycare center probably just had the one violation.

29 06 2016
Midweek Wrap-Up | Countenance Blog

[…] * Why are social scientists afraid of the Big Bad Day Care Wolf?  The reasons floated here are probably right, but I also think that race factors in. […]

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