Green Eggs and Ham

25 04 2016

Jefferson City

Hot talk around the salt mines tonight is that Maria Chappelle-Nadal read out of a book by some rapper on the Senate floor today to filibuster a bill, and she’s opposed to the bill because GENTILIVS GIANTIVUS.

Developing lukewarm, dot dot dot.




5 responses

25 04 2016

Turns out it was a book either by or about the rapper 50 Cent.

26 04 2016

He’ll probably get early release from prison because “there are too many black men in prison.” In reality, there aren’t enough black men in prison.

26 04 2016

Sorry. This comment was meant for the next article, about the man who murdered his neighbor over a cigarette.

26 04 2016

Maria Chappelle-Nadal is pretty dumb, too, I can attest.

28 04 2016
Area Man

Is she the one that got arrested drunk with a gun at one of the Mike Brown protest parties?

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