Tales from the Moving Goalposts

25 04 2016

Claremont, California

One of my many running themes in this space is that the diversitarians have made the definition of their favorite word, diversity, a moving goalpost.  If you’re Asian and working in a Silicon Valley firm, your (sorry, Ta) yellow body is diverse when the topic is American racial demographics and its trends and their implications for white people, but it’s not diverse when the topic is Silicon Valley tech firm employee diversity, in the latter case, “diversity” only means all NAMs and any women.

The moving goalpost has made another appearance.  BLM activists love to pop off about “POC” (People of Color) when they’re trying to stick it to whitey somehow, but women who are neither white nor black aren’t “of color” when it comes to an event organized for the benefit of women of color, even though women who aren’t really women can get into this thing.  To net it out:  In this case:  “Women of color” only means black lesbians and black men pretending to be black women.




One response

26 04 2016

Jump into the ovens, whitey – the only goal that matters.

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