Addition By Subtraction

26 04 2016


Phyllis Schlafly is moving to plonk Ed Martin out of Eagle Forum leadership, as he is one of the pro-Cruz mutiny forces.

None of this surprises me.

I only wish the ole girl would have done her due diligence before trusting him that much.  That has been one of her very few flaws; she gets way too comfortable with certain people and lets people get way too comfortable with her.  And that is very unusual for any woman not to be able to read people.



2 responses

27 04 2016
Paladin Justice
27 04 2016

This is just corroboration of what was the breaking gossip at the salt mines a few days ago. Of course, everyone was talking about that, then the legislature later that day puts a 2017 budget in the can which barely puts a dent in state funding for Mizzou.

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