Hide This News From NARAL

26 04 2016


Because it’s just a non-viable tissue mass.

Crickets from the “ZOMG WE MUST RESPECT SCIENCE 1000% OF THE TIME LOL~!!!!!1” crowd.




5 responses

26 04 2016

What is your point? What does this observation of simulated fertilization have to do with abortion? Surely people already knew that fertilization occurrs prior to pregnancy, and that a human embryo is a human embryo.

Also, contrary to what I read elsewhere on the Internet, this is not the moment of ensoulment by God. This article mentions previous sightings in animal studies. (Or do animals have souls?)

I can’t see that anything has changed, much less everything. Please explain.

26 04 2016
Stan d Mute

Same question here. Reconciling the graph: “Scientists had seen the phenomenon occur in other animals but it is the first time is has been also shown to happen in humans.” So the epiphany is that human embryos exhibit a flash at fertilization just like lab rats and white mice?

But I can definitely see the tongue speaking whackjobs like Rafael Eduardo Cruz daddy conveniently omitting that bit of info in his next ransom note for the Jew on a stick. “Scientists now say there is a bright holy light from an embryo when God puts the soul in there, but it will all stop if you don’t give more money to God today. And God told me that if you make an investment of $2,500 today he will return that seed when his horse comes in at 25-to-1 and he will make you rich in heaven!” Maybe he will then go on to tell us that his “anointed” son had a light so bright they had to put curtains over his mama’s belly. It also wouldn’t surprise me one bit for him to lead off his next holy extortion pitch telling us his marriage wasn’t consummated when his wife became preggers with Rafael Eduardo, the Canadian anchor baby,

26 04 2016
Alex the Goon

People who don’t have a spark of fascination with this, likely don’t have souls either. In that respect, yes, the abortionists will not be swayed.

26 04 2016
Hard Right

Tough audience tonight, Count.

26 04 2016

You’d think they’d be over on the primary day open thread. Or maybe tonight is going to be so anticlimactic that the party isn’t jumping.

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