Close Call

27 04 2016


Hot tub time machine, dial it back to November 2000 through January 2001.

Let’s say that the recount, court, lawsuit, dimpled chad, hulabaloo would have gotten really bad, and it would have resulted in no winner in the Bush vs Gore election actually being certified.  (Though, in reality, as Mark Levin has proven, there was no real world path for either Gore to win or for no winner to be declared, all the real world possible scenarios led straight to Bush being the 43rd President.)  This would have meant that on January 20, 2001 at noon, Dennis Hastert would have become President.




One response

28 04 2016
Marc Bahn

Likely as not we’d be watching failed candidate Dubya going to prison for some crime as former prez Hastert continued to enjoy his elder statesman role. It’s what ya just don’t know!

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