This Time, Learn Something

27 04 2016

Montpelier, Vermont

Forget about Occupy Wall Street, did you?

Here’s a sincere wooden nickel’s worth of free advice for those of you looking to start Occutards 2.0:

Laser light focus on economic populism.  Don’t get distracted or bogged down with SJW and identity politics.  That’s what ruined Occutards 1.0.

Or, to put it another way, and to paraphrase HRC, harden yourselves against cat calls that no vicious attack on the one percent ever fed a hungry transgender.

Speaking of Bern, the reason that big rallies don’t translate to election wins is the same reason why you can’t gauge the election results from yard signs or bumper stickers.  It’s because most people that vote never attend a campaign rally, or put up a yard sign, or put on a bumper sticker.  That’s a lesson that Ron Paul and his supporters learned very painfully in 2008 and 2012.




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