You Won’t Like the Answer, John

27 04 2016


John Podhoretz, writing in the NYP, basically asks, “What’s the matter with Cruz?”

He’s also asking, but not in the context of this op-ed, why Cruz isn’t catching fire with conservatives.

John, you’re not going to like the answer.

Ted Cruz has caught fire with lamestream conservatives, that is, lamer cons for whom “conservatism” is purely an ideological cult pursuit.  The problem?  There aren’t enough of them anymore to win a Republican Presidential nomination, much less a general election.  Cruz has 6.8 million votes at the time of this writing, so it’s enough to be competitive in a Republican Presidential primary and caucus season, and win a fair number of states, especially caucus states in certain parts of the country.  But that’s not quite enough to punch all the way to the top.

Also what Trump has shown is that a lot of the people who called themselves or thought of themselves as conservatives weren’t really ideological creatures.  Hearkening back to the David French piece in NR back in January, many “conservatives” just wanted something to bare fangs against the kook left.  Also, a lot of “conservatives” mislabeled themselves; they were all along populists and nationalists, and they’re taking the new lane that Trump has graded and paved.

To net this all out, Cruz hasn’t caught fire with all conservatives because not all conservatives were truly conservative, as we have found out.




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27 04 2016
David In TN

I’m looking at one of Samuel Francis’ last essays, “Toward a Hard Right,” in the February 2005 Chronicles. It was a post-mortem on the 2004 Bush-Kerry race. Francis’ concluding paragraph was:

“What the election of 2004 seems to tell us more than anything else is that most Americans who see themselves on the political (and cultural) right are perfectly happy with President Bush and what he is doing. They like his cheery grin and friendly arm-waving; they like his cute wife and daughters and their tasty religious and family values rhetoric. They like his ‘Standin up for America’ bluster. The Bushes tell them everything’s OK, and that’s what conservatives always want to hear. Let them stay where they are. They are not what the Hard Right needs, and their involvement in it would only retard its emergence as a new cultural and political force.”

Things look different 12 years later and even a good many self-described conservatives no longer thing “everything’s OK.”

28 04 2016
Hard Right

28 04 2016
Hard Right

Most of your favorite pundits are owned by the same big donors who control elections. These relationships are never disclosed.

Brent Bozewell earns $400,000 a year as well.

28 04 2016
Hard Right

28 04 2016

You’re pushin’ too hard, you’re pushin’ too hard, you’re pushin’ too hard, on me-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e!

Demographics is destiny, that’s all. For fifty years now the Republican gig has been what the Nixon election machine called the politics of the last vote, that is, promising their overwhelmingly white electorate that they will look out for their cultural interests while actually giving them virtually nothing. Instead, they took the political capital those votes gave them and used it to placate the culturally dominant left so they could better service the Republicans Wall Street patrons.

As human beings the Republicans are despicable, as Americans they are collaborators and traitors, as conservatives they are fakes (they’re just a business lobby) but as hucksters, as confidence swindlers, their performance over the last half-century has been rather brilliant. They’ve actually managed to keep the white suckers voting for them while they shipped their jobs overseas, imported enough third-worlders to displace them, allowed billionaires to bust out the economy, and started disastrous wars overseas (which really got the yahoos on board). The Republicans called this being non-racist or being racially neutral. Looking out for the interests of the founding culture is racist.

All this played pretty well when whites were an indulgent and wealthy majority but it’s largely irrelevant now that whites will soon be a minority. Republicans won’t even be able to pretend that they still have the power to look out for their supporters cultural interests even if they wanted to. They won’t bother to try, as we already see in the viciousness and racism of the RepCon attacks on Trump supporters. The Nixon strategy no longer makes sense when it is aimed only at a minority. The non-whites ain’t buying what the Republicans are selling, they prefer racial spoils, and if the white minority clings to the alleged racial neutrality of the Republicans they will be paying for those spoils, even more than they already are. The political mortgage for the Republican voter is now underwater.

The left too, will have its white problem. Taking from a white minority to pay for other minorities will be seen as the oppression, racism, and hate-motivated robbery that it in fact was from the very beginning. Either whites will cave in and be slowly exterminated or the left is going to have a big problem on its hands. It depends largely on how slowly third-world America’s economy tanks.

Remember, everything is downstream from immigration.

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