“America First”

28 04 2016


And neocons be like:

ZOMG NAZI~!!!!!1

Never mind the fact that the 1930s/40s America First Committee and the opposition to American entry into WWII pre-Pearl Harbor were mostly motivated by ole fashioned principled isolationism/neutralitarianism that had been standard American fare since George Washington’s Presidential farewell address.  Even those who thought that the Jews were a major factor in trying to get us into the war, like Charles Lindbergh, never said that it was all the fault of the Jews; their contention that it was a tag team of disparate interests that the Jews, the British and FDR personally had.  At that, just bringing up the Jews even in the limited liability sense is what got Lindbergh tossed out of the AFC leadership bag and baggage.

Also never mind the fact that the America First Committee and the movement it represented was the most successful anti-war movement in the last hundred years.




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28 04 2016
Lamplighter of California

“America First”

Music to my ears.

28 04 2016
The Gentle Grizzly

It’s music to MY ears as well, and I’m One Of Those Who Cannot Be Named.

28 04 2016
29 04 2016
Hard Right

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