Buying a Ghetto Lottery Ticket

28 04 2016


Exactly a year after the Baltimore riots, no less. And shades of Tamir Rice.

Check out these comments from this video’s comment thread.

CNN has reported that an investigating officer stated ”The teen’s mother knew he had left the house with the gun.”
The mother’s last name is Young.
The teen’s last name is Colvin.
Yogi Berra said it best…It’s Deja Vu all over again

FIRST. This is starting to feel suspect. Meaning these black mothers are looking to get paid. Even if it means to have their kids killed. A new black whore hustle? We all know they don’t LOVE them. Put a toy gun in their hands, push them out the door, peek thru the curtain and wait. Harsh statement? Don’t put it pass these parasites. You already have them getting pregnant for child support, welfare benefits and housing. Not out of love and wanting to start a family. Just the lowest form of another hustle in the MILLIONS.

+totw41 It’s a little bit too frequent if you ask me. I also believe that these kids have become such a burden to them, that it didn’t matter what happened to them. That’s why when these kids get killed by the cops, and come time for the press conference of the news interview, not one tear shed. Then, they throw that absurd number out for comp for the killing of that child; only for her to turn around and create another one. I could be wrong.

Mark Keller
+totw41 I said this in another thread, these women seem to have gotten tired of the drip drip drip of a monthly Govt and/or child support check. They want a shot at a drenching downpour in the form of a wrongful death lawsuit.

I used to be liberal I`m sorry
I’ve been subbed for more than a year but it’s the 1st time i see your face o_O
I haven’t finished watching the video so idk what races the teen and the cops were but If you see anyone trying to make this case about race, show them this link.
Out of 34 people with toy guns killed by cops in 2015, 22 were whites.
That should sut them up…or maybe not.



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28 04 2016
Marc Bahn

Would someone here be so nice as to help this fellow get his comments section fixed:

Thanks, I’m too old to know how.

29 04 2016
Marc Bahn

Thanks, somebody.

29 04 2016
Hard Right

29 04 2016
Hard Right

Old Navy Announces 30% Off Miscegenation Sale

29 04 2016


30 04 2016
Alex the Goon

One day, I’ll get that monkey off my back.

29 04 2016
29 04 2016

As if I’m going to any Starbucks. Better than Folgers (what isn’t?), but in its own right, expensive and overrated.

30 04 2016
Hard Right

Bets on how long it takes to get robbed?

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