They’ve Come Around

28 04 2016


Me, September 3:

The main reason why Trump, in spite of his billions, and in spite of his bragging about his billions, can draw working-middle class whites, is because he got the billions he brags about mostly in the arena of building big shiny things in big cities and elsewhere. You go to New York, and see big tall buildings or renovated older buildings with “Trump” on them. You go to Chicago, and see a really big tall shiny building with “Trump” on it. You go to other cities, you see tall office and apartment buildings and casinos with “Trump” on it. And where there are tall buildings, there were largely working class white people who helped build them. In other words, hard had Johnny from Poughkeepsie can identify with Trump’s mode of becoming filthy rich because he can identify with the kind of person who helped make it possible, people like himself.

Rush, today:

CALLER:  Well, I believe, first off, that Trump is a destiny candidate and he’s the man and he’s got the credibility to actually extend an olive branch to this group. And I know this for a fact because the last 30 years he’s provided good paying union jobs for thousands of families in New York City, and I gotta tell you, Rush, I know, because I was one of them. I believe that a man like Trump could be the man who could finally end this destructive feud that has existed between organized labor and the GOP, because I’m telling you right now, it has done nothing but hurt both parties.  And by bringing them together, I guarantee you, first off, this will decimate —





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