That’s Our Glenn

30 04 2016


I was wondering what happened to him; he was pretty quiet for several weeks.

And with that, the number of people who don’t think he is or has become absolutely batshit crazy has sunk to the single digits.




4 responses

30 04 2016
Hard Right

On the Friday broadcast of his radio show, Glenn Beck revealed that he has lost $500,000 campaigning with Ted Cruz but said that has nothing to do with the recent firing of 40 of his employees.

1 05 2016

Glenn keeps wandering off the reservation. Maybe he won’t return.

1 05 2016

I may never look at a bag of Cheetos the same way ever again.

2 05 2016

There was something on the tip of my tongue all weekend, and I finally figured it out this morning.

Glenn Beck = Glozell.

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