I Nailed It

1 05 2016


Totally nailed it.

When I predicted that the Obama daughters would be going to Harvard.

It was down to it or UT-Chattanooga, and I’m sure it as agonizing for her to pick between the two of them.  I mean, UT-Chattanooga is like the Harvard of Chattanooga.

Because it was such a gutsy longshot Leicester City style bet to make.

Obama to Trump:  Phooey on you, my daughter got into Harvard, and your kids only went to Georgetown and Penn, so nyah.






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2 05 2016
Alex the Goon

Trump to Obama: Good for them. Now let’s see your daughters make some White babies.

6 05 2016


FNC defends Malia. In their defense, they admit that she’s a legacy admission.

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