Sunday Wrap-Up

1 05 2016


* No shirt, no shoes, gives you service.

It was either him or Jared.

* All the fault of gangs, and all the fault of heroin.  Feel better now?  Or did you miss the sarcasm on my part?

* Ferguson:  Back to normal.

* Yet another glimpse into St. Charles County’s AFFH future.

* Speaking of St. Charles County.  Aside from his other issues, it says here he was an assistant wrestling coach, which makes me thing of Dennis Hastert.  Though, really, if he did anything like that, someone would have said something by now.


* Kenya.  Hmm.  I wonder what our own Kenyan has to say about this.  (He couldn’t be reached for comment.)

* Fine, I guess, but it seems a lot like closing the barn doors after the cows got away.

* By any other name.  Just say that they’re coming here to fight transphobia.


* For what?  The Federal crime of first degree dissent?

* Fine, all well and good.  But remember, before you do, your ability to engage in civil disobedience depends on how tightly your cause aligns with The Narrative.  And nothing is more narrativey than Martin Luther King.  Your cause?  Not so much.

* Shorter Salon:  Black suspect, yellow cop, and we can’t find a way to play pin the tail on the honkey.

* I’ll say it again, because it is one of the running themes of this space:  Data/mining/tech/analysis are how we do racial profiling while giving ourselves plausible deniability.  That is, until the super-sleuths at NPR start sniffing around.

* It’s gotten a lot of play, and while I did read it, I didn’t have much of a reaction to it.  So little that I put it off until this week’s wrap-up.  All I need to say is that the Obama legacy of “anger, fights and division” is only “disappointing” if you were ever so naive as to buy in to the 2007-8 era deceitful utopian marketing of the person of Baraq Obama.  People who paid attention knew that he was always the “bring a gun to a knife fight” sort of partisan-ideological-goon, as Bill Clinton called him, a “Chicago thug.”

* Here’s one thing that Big Ricky hasn’t considered and people worrying about what he is doing haven’t realized.  This “delegate poaching” strategy of his is nothing more than him getting verbal commits from delegates that they would vote for Big Ricky after the first ballot, if there’s no winner on the first ballot.  The problem is that verbal commitments are usually as good as they paper they’re written on.  These people who gave Big Ricky their verbal commits saw the results from New York State, then Acela Tuesday, and will be watching things play out the rest of the season.  And they’re going to realize that if Trump is close to but not at or above 1237, they should get him above that on the second ballot.

Besides, if it comes down to negotiation at the convention, Trump has Trump Tower, Mar-a-Lago, lots of casinos.  The entire #NeverTrump crowd and the entire Republican establishment and all their combined assets won’t be able to outglitz Trump if it gets to that.  I mean, if you’re a Cruz delegate, thinking about who to vote for on the second ballot, would you rather spend two days and a night in Trump’s own nest on the 68th floor of Trump Tower, or take a tour of the Koch Brothers’ chemical processing plants in Kansas?

* The WRPT isn’t needed here, because they give us plenty of visual hints.  However, in the absence of those, and presuming the necessity of the WRPT, it would have kicked in at “neighbors had no idea this was going on,” about something so visually and openly obvious.  That level of insouciance screams Bell Curve City.

* It’s The Onion, it’s also the truth.


* Queen’s English?  Hardly!

* Ann Coulter got raked over the coals for making the same point.

* Curious:  In spite of my generation and its stereotype, I don’t know the answer to this offhand.  But is there a character in the Marvel Comics universe that combats sociopolitical hypocrisy?

* Deny?  Why would you want to be so Islamophobic to deny this?  Most Green Party style leftists are actually proud of this, they like to brag about all the intersectionality they’ve got going on.

* Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, transgenders and transsexuals, cats and dogs, may we draw an inference from this about French prisons?

* “No diversity out here, either.”

* Black Rhodes Scholar refuses to tip his white waitressNow if that isn’t sticking it to white privilege, I don’t know what is.

(Insert “black people don’t tip anyway” and “how can you tell it was a political protest” one-liners here)


* It’s just one of the many neat counterintuitive things water can do.

* The most improbable part of George Bingham’s Fur Traders Descending the Missouri is the fact that he painted a cat in the canoe.  I got the impression the first time I saw it, and I still think, that he pained the cat there as an afterthought, because the painting was too busy on the right half.  Who in the hell, after all, takes a cat on a canoe?


* Speaking of things that lean to one side…

* Speaking of cats.  Though I have always been of the opinion that when it comes to keeping cats as pets, what we don’t know won’t hurt us.  I wouldn’t want to know what cats are really thinking, because if they think as arrogantly and selfishly as they act, nobody would ever want to own one.

* She shouldn’t have stopped him.  “REBLE” would have been an indicator to his future potential girlfriends what a dumbass they’re about to hook up with.

* This reminds me of the BSOD meme.  And while I’m on the subject, do not do an in-place “up”-grade from Win 7/8 to Win 10, because a lot of people who do all of a sudden find their login passwords don’t work.  A fresh Win 10 install, okay.  Which reminds me:  It looks like the DNC in Philly in July is going to be powered by MSFT.

* Good news.  Now, who wants to put the bell around the cat?  Translated:  We can probably get to all this oceanic uranium, but there’s almost no political will to build any new fission power plants.

* It can record video?  Well then, don’t go to a movie house.





9 responses

1 05 2016

Festus, and Jefferson County. You gotta love it.

I do, because I live in Jefferson County.

But, you gotta love it.

1 05 2016

“* Black Rhodes Scholar refuses to tip his white waitress. Now if that isn’t sticking it to white privilege, I don’t know what is.” – the only part of his story that was true was that he doesn’t tip.

2 05 2016
Hard Right

Typical Negro. He’s a Rhodes scholar, yet he wants the statue of the guy who is paying for education removed from Oxford.

2 05 2016
Hard Right

Is this from Salon or National Review? I can’t tell anymore….

It’s not smug liberalism to point out Trump backers are low-educated. What’s dangerous is to sympathize with them

2 05 2016

Here’s how you can tell it’s not from NR:

The article affords the white working class the privilege of actually living, even if it is in a perpetual state of abuse and ridicule. Unlike Kevin Williamson, who has them all croaked and below ground already.

2 05 2016
Hard Right

2 05 2016
2 05 2016
Alex the Goon

[Muzziebitch] says in violation of her religious strictures, she was forced to remain exposed overnight in view of other male officers and dozens of inmates.
It’s the officers and inmates who should be suing.

3 05 2016

The San Antonio chained kids up story update, WRPT worked:

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