The Winter and Spring of Content and Miscontent

2 05 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

I’ll finally get to leave Jefferson City at the end of this week.  While the session will last for another week, parasites like me have no reason to be here that long, because if we haven’t been successful in our work this session until now, we won’t be at all.

The beginning of May in an even numbered year is also the informal beginning of the primary campaign in Missouri for the early August primary, so expect to start seeing and hearing many more media buys.  One reason why these next three months won’t be that busy with buys is because most statewide office primaries are foregone conclusions, with the exception of GOV-R.  I think the semi-serious challenger that Kurt Schaefer has for AG-R is going to put up a fight, and I hope he, who once clerked for John Roberts at the Supreme Court, does do just that, because Schaefer has not comported himself well on the Mizzou matter.  Other than that and GOV-R, though, there really won’t be much of a reason for summer buys.  So, get ready for the Hanaway campaign to hit the airwaves even heavier, and for Peter Kindercare to start showing up, which he has not done so far.

I’ve mentioned in this space about a lot of personal issues I’ve been going through, some good some not so good.  Now that the not so good ones have been resolved, I can say what they were.

It was a combination of having to move my mother into assisted living, after she finally came to her senses late last year and admitted that she can’t live on her own, and that process was way more involved and time consuming than I had first guessed, and at about the same time, I had to find a new place to live myself.  But that involved me moving my stuff, and I don’t have that much, and myself, in with my uncle, then finding a new place, which as I mentioned here very recently, is in Richmond Heights, and then moving into the new place.  Then you pile all that on top of my actual job, and that this time of year, it takes place more than a hundred miles away from home, so that’s where I’m supposed to be. (Though keep on reading, and you’ll see why I’m not entirely upset about that.)  I had all the difficult stuff wrapped up by about the end of March, and these will be three months of my life I won’t soon forget.

But, through all this, there has been some very good news.  Let me put it to you this way:  If all goes according to my plan, by the time I turn 40 years old, at the end of next March, I’ll have a ring on it.  I’m obviously not going to state her name, because I haven’t stated mine.  But she is closely related to someone who is pretty important at the moment in Missouri legislative politics.  I say “at the moment,” because of term limits, nobody is important in Missouri legislative politics for that long anymore.  The hitch is that she’s a Kansas City native that currently lives in Jefferson City, so for eight months out of the year, the relationship is mostly a distance one.  I say “is,” even though we first met more than two years ago, and things have slowly been on the incline, and have really broken open this year.  If my ring plans happen, then it’ll probably mean that I’ll be moving to and living in Jefferson City full time.




2 responses

2 05 2016
Lamplighter of California

I hope your mother is receiving the best of care,sir,and not being tended to by any embittered,affirmative action malcontents.

And good luck with your lady friend.

2 05 2016

The first part, that’s one of the things I made sure of. She was also aware of those concerns too.

Let me put it to you this way: Where she is, is a place that is not easily accessible from any of St. Louis’s public transit lines, and it’s unlikely that that will change anytime soon.

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