3 05 2016

Warren County

Notice that “Gummy” has been previously tagged near Springfield.  And now, he’s in rural Warren County.

Note that he needed to cross the Missouri River at some point.

Either he swam across, or he walked across one of the bridges.  If it was the latter, how was that not noticed?  If the former, can black bears swim that well?

There has also been a black bear sighting in Jefferson County in the last week.




4 responses

3 05 2016

3 05 2016

Big rivers like the Missouri through mid-Missouri have pretty strong currents and undertows, and are by no means shallow.

3 05 2016
The Gentle Grizzly

AFFH gone, er, wild?

3 05 2016

Of course I’m asking this and my white body is in the state capital, where the Conservation Commission is. I put in a call to someone over there who forwarded me to someone who forwarded me to someone, who told me that black bears are adequate enough swimmers such that they can make it across fast current major rivers, especially in winter when the water levels are lower (usually, the exception of this past winter notwithstanding), but he also told me not to discount the possibility that they would use a low traffic non freeway rural bridge at night.

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