Star Chambers, Plural

3 05 2016

Portland, Oregon

Polyamory?  What the fucks?

(Tee hee, I see what you did there.)

But seriously, I hope you can see the impending train wreck here.

It’s risky enough for a guy in college to get in a relationship with even one woman.  They eventually will hit the sack, willingly, she’ll regret it, scream rape, and whamo, he’s in front of a campus star chamber kangaroo court.  So you add polyamory into the mix, and the end result is that he’ll be facing more than one star chamber at the same time.




2 responses

3 05 2016

I have had a thought about LGBT. The group we haven’t really heard from yet are the ‘B’s’

Is this where the next round of change is going to come from? I assume it’s going to be polygamy next. Or possibly the Q’s of LGBTQ wanting to put down neither male nor female on drivers licenses?

Right now it’s a toss up on who goes first.

Also, what’s the over/under on when Gays are officially kicked out of LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ?

14 05 2016

Because Gs are so defensive of Ts, Gs will stay. If anyone is in the process of getting aced out of the acronym, it’s some “Ls,” especially “TERFs.” The sort of lesbian/feminists who think it should all be about the real women.

What comes after T? From what I’m seeing, it’s Z/B, Zoophilia/Bestiality.

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