Do Not Enter, Loyalty Is a One Way Street

4 05 2016

Leesburg, Virginia

Originally, I wanted to roast him.

But I don’t think I need to.

All I need to say is that, four years ago, he was so adamant that Ron Paul needed to be loyal to the eventual Republican nominee, that he pronounced that if Ron Paul ran third party and just got a million votes, even if it didn’t change the two party outcome of the election, that he would do everything he could to get Rand Paul thrown out of the Senate.  And, this is the same Mark Levin who was sort of a Rick Santorum guy in 2012 during the primary season.

He’s another one who is facing straight into the abyss of obsolescence and irrelevance thanks to the surprise events of the last ten months.  When Trump wins in November, Mark Levin’s brand of Constitalmud cargo cult ideology goes straight to the ash heap.

“Constitalmud?  I see what you did there.”




4 responses

4 05 2016

Coming from some of the same people who said that the red team needed to nominate an electable candidate because Hillary needs to be beaten and cannot be trusted with the Presidency.

If fopo neocons defect to Hillary, Trump ought to make a 24/7 issue of that.

4 05 2016
Dale gribble

Can you pull some strings with KFAB-Omaha and KLIN-Lincoln to bring back the Savage Nation now?

4 05 2016
Alex the Goon

Hey Levin – Next year, in Jerusalem. Take some of your peers, too.

4 05 2016
It’s All Good | Countenance Blog

[…] It’s all good, though, at least he gave Trump a fair hearing, so much so that #NeverTrump still thinks he was secretly pro-Trump all along, and was only pro-Cruz in as much as one had to listen carefully to pick up on it.  And he’s not going on an unhinged lunatic rampage today.  Unlike someone else in that business. […]

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