It’s All Good

4 05 2016

South Florida


It may be comforting to some, to others just a thought, that Trump’s not gonna really do this. “When you get to the end of this, it isn’t gonna be Trump,” and now it is.  I mean, I think the number and the types of reactions out there are infinite, and the attitudes about the future are multifaceted as well.  We’re gonna explore here what happened, why it happened, what went wrong, where do we go from here, what does this all mean.  But again, folks, I can’t do this in one show, can’t do it in the opening segment certainly.

Rush always tells us that words mean things, and he just tipped over his hand by using the three words “what went wrong” in relation to what happened yesterday and throughout the season.

It’s all good, though, at least he gave Trump a fair hearing, so much so that #NeverTrump still thinks he was secretly pro-Trump all along, and was only pro-Cruz in as much as one had to listen carefully to pick up on it.  And he’s not going on an unhinged lunatic rampage today.  Unlike someone else in that business.





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5 05 2016
Dale gribble

Yesterday Rush responded to a caller asking him how Trump can win the trust of Tru-Conservatives such as they. Rush coyly responded that he will ask Donald.

6 05 2016
Hard Right

Why George Washington Would Have Agreed With Donald Trump

Watch Out, Hillary: The Founding Fathers would have loved “America First,” and they might have been right.

6 05 2016
6 05 2016
Hard Right

6 05 2016
6 05 2016

I don’t know how much legs this will get or how true it is, but with Jerry Sandusky all of a sudden in the news again, it’s very bad timing.

6 05 2016
Hard Right

Doesn’t matter if it’s true. It’ll make the cucks crazy.

6 05 2016

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