The Neos Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks

6 05 2016

Washington, D.C.

Obama lied to get what he wanted.

And also, the sun rose in the east this morning.

All of Obama’s lies would not have ordinarily mattered, because nothing he would have done in regards to an Iran deal had 67 Senate votes for ratification.  It was only because of the Corker bill, which inverted the treaty ratification process, that it was “ratified” at all.  And the only reason the Corker bill was passed, in spite of much red team bloviation that the Iran deal was that bad, was because so many special interests had visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads because they envisioned Tehran going on a $150 billion shopping spree after the deal unfroze their ’79 assets.  And as far as lobbying presence goes, the military-industrial complex will eat AIPAC’s lunch eight days out of seven every week if they happen to be opponents, and usually, they are not, except on this one matter.




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6 05 2016
Arthur Thurman

And in other wonderful news, the Navy has suspended all escort operations in the Strait of Hormuz at Iran’s demand…..definitely not my Navy now. Thanks Mr. Obama and your creative writing major sycophant.

7 05 2016
Alex the Goon

It’ll be your Navy again in 259 days.

7 05 2016

Gregory Cochran wrote that he stopped believing in the all-powerful MIC when he saw the collapse of aerospace in SoCal in the early ’90s. But of course things changed after 9/11.

7 05 2016

All it meant is that it had a temporary reduction in resources and that heavily impacted one metropolitan area.

9 05 2016

And this has helped me figure out something else.

In spite of some of the rhetoric of some of our people, I’ve never considered AIPAC to be a strong potent lobbying force. If AIPAC didn’t exist, the class of Federal elected officials in our time would still be pro-Israel, because they are pro-Israel for reasons other than AIPAC. It’s just that AIPAC stands around and takes the credit.

Another reason, I now know, why AIPAC seems more powerful than it is, is that it and the military-industrial complex are usually on the same side of most matters. It’s just that in the lobbying world, the MIC does all the heavy lifting, but, once again, AIPAC stakes claim to the credit. However, in the rare instances when they’re on opposite sides, the MIC wins.

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