Her True Colors

8 05 2016

New York

They keep telling us that the Confederate Flag is like disloyalty to the United States.

Then they turn around and do shit like this, which makes you wonder if they really mean it, and if they’re not being at least a little bit disingenuous when they try to put both flags on opposite sides of the ledger.



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8 05 2016
David In TN

Samuel Francis sometimes wrote in his columns that eventually the call would come to ban the Stars and Stripes along with the Confederate flag. It was just a matter of time, he wrote.

9 05 2016
9 05 2016
Hard Right

You can’t wear a Confederate flag to school, but you can dress up like a girl.

What happens if you wear a Confederate flag while dressed up as a girl?

9 05 2016

You’ll get expelled after you shower with the girls.

9 05 2016
The Gentle Grizzly

One causes rapid spinning. It’s a variation on the buttered toast / cat array conundrum.

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