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8 05 2016



New PAC asks white men not to run

A new political action committee has a message for straight white men considering running for office: Just don’t.

According to its website, the Colorado-based Can You Not PAC “was started by white men, for white men, asking white men that one important question: ‘Bruh, can you not?’ We are happy to host interventions for the misguided bros in your life who looked in the mirror this morning and thought ‘yeah, it’s gotta be me.’”

Is it for real?  “It very initially started out as a joke,” said Jack Teter, a 25-year-old progressive activist who started the PAC with 26-year-old Kyle Huelsman and registered it earlier this week.

But now that Can You Not PAC has taken off, having raised $1200 in its first 24 hours, Teter and Huelsman are assembling an advisory board of non-straight-white-guys to pick candidates worthy of its support. Or as the site puts it, “We are raising money with the intent of defeating mediocre white dudes and elevating some of the best underrepresented candidates of 2016.”

The two met working in the Colorado legislature and were inspired to start the PAC after watching a series of local Democratic primaries result in a less-than-representative slate.

“A lot of us joke that the Republican party is the party of old white men,” said Teter, “but I think that can be true of Democratic bodies as well. We know of groups that are doing such great work recruiting women and people of color and LGBT people. And we know white men who will give donations to those groups while simultaneously running against them in primaries.”

The PAC urges white men in urban, racially mixed precincts to give someone else a shot.

Key to their plan is that the message is coming from fellow white guys. (The site features the smiling and bland faces of L.L. Bean models who have opted out.) “People who are in the position of privilege should be the ones to dismantle it,” said Huelsman.

In trying to figure out what the scam is here, I noticed that in an article about race and an effort supposedly designed around race, there seems to be several auspicious references to gay and LGBT, which I emphasized in the block quote.  And then it hit me:  Teter and Huelsman are getting gay married, and are hustling money to go on an exotic honeymoon.

The reason why they supposedly started this PAC is because they saw Democrat primaries in Colorado that are way older/whiter than the state’s population in general and the Democrat party voting universe in the state in particular.   They don’t want to admit this, but the reason for that has to do with the prime non-white demographic in Colorado:  Hispanics, and immigration.  As California has shown us, Hispanic immigration leads to old white (or “white”) politicians hanging on to power longer than they otherwise would.  It’s almost as if old white Democrats have figured out they have a direct incentive to import a bunch of Hispanics, that will, to the small extent they vote, vote for Democrats, thereby helping whatever Democrat is on the November ballot win, but not be astute enough to participate in Democrat primary election politics, so as not to inconvenience old white Democrats.  By “asking white men not to run,” what Teter and Heulsman really want is for old straight white Democrats to retire so that young gay white Democrats can slide into their places.

Interestingly, both the House Speaker and Senate Majority Leader in Colorado for the 2009-2010 legislative session were black men.




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8 05 2016

Here’s the front of the PAC’s website, again, emphasis mine:


Can You Not PAC was founded on the idea that while there are amazing groups doing great work to recruit and support women, people of color, and LGBTQ folks who are running for office, there was one small thing missing.

Can You Not PAC is a political action project that aims to dis/empower and dis/incline people in positions of privilege, specifically straight white men, from ambitions of running for office in progressive urban districts. We challenge brogressives and others to reject any notion that they are uniquely qualified or positioned to seek political office in districts that don’t need them. As well-represented white dudes, we feel it is our obligation to know when to shut up and Not.

The Can You Not PAC was started by white men, for white men, asking white men that one important question: “Bruh, can you not?” We are happy to host interventions for the misguided bros in your life who looked in the mirror this morning and thought “yeah, it’s gotta be me.”

Maybe you, too, know a handsome upwardly mobile upper-middle class cis dude who is well intentioned and *super progressive.* We’re happy go buy him a locally brewed craft beer and tell him to take a step back instead. We are not the heroes that Gotham needs.


Like I said, it’s all about young gay white Democrats using “women, people of color” as a political weapon to combat old straight white Democrats.

8 05 2016
Alex the Goon

PAC that fudge! PAC that fudge! “Bruh, can you not can’t even, and let someone else can’t even for a change?”

8 05 2016

Women, people of color, and LGBTQ folks – when they group them together like that, I smile. Their need for self-reinforcement is so pathetically obvious.
So gay white males want proportional representation? 1-3%? They probably already got it – just need to look in the closet.

8 05 2016
Alex the Goon

If we could also cut their representation down to 1-3% on TV, that would be a huge win.

9 05 2016
The Gentle Grizzly

I agree and I’m G. I’d also like to see programming with white people.

3 06 2016
Weekend Trump Stack | Countenance Blog

[…] To the extent that there’s any effort afoot to use the growing non-white Democrat voting universe to displace older/whiter Democrats, it’s younger (“gay”) whites who are organizing it. […]

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