Goliath vs David

9 05 2016

Washington, D.C.

Washington Examiner:

Is online free speech under attack?

Regulators in Washington are showing increasing interest in tightening rules on political speech on the web, arguing that the dissonant voices enabled by “new media” have become too influential.

I see what they mean. The New York Times has lost control of the national narrative to Countenance Blog.  And we know that to be the case, because Raj Chetty is considered a Flat Earth Society style kook fringe crank; if that wasn’t the case, then he’d be something like a major policy adviser to two credible 2016 Presidential candidates and have the ear of the incumbent President.

The dispossessed, disorganized, penniless and powerless are conspiring against the rich, powerful and disciplined, and are on the vestibule of victory.

The elites are locked in a Goliath versus David battle to speak power to truth.

Or, as a sometimes troll on AR says:

Middle class greed hurts billionaires in need.




One response

9 05 2016

And this is news on the same day that we also found out pretty much for sure that Facebook jimmies its supposedly user driven news feed, so much so that it’s basically nothing more than an overglorified feed reader for the New York Times.

It's your dime, spill it. And also...NO TROLLS ALLOWED~!

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