He Should Be Sharing a Prison Cell With Jerry Sandusky

9 05 2016

Wynne, Arkansas


Resign?  Just resign, that’s it?  Sounds to me this is a violation of a whole book full of felonies.  Incidentally, Cross County, Ark. is about a 3-1 white-black ratio, and his curious case dispensation habits involved young men, so probably I would hazard to guess that there’s at least an even ratio between black and white victims, and probably more black than white.

Speaking of Jerry Sandusky, there’s news on that front, too.  Last week we found out that he’s been at it since 1976, this week the year is pushed back to 1971.  He came on as defensive coordinator at Penn State in 1969.  Point being, for decades, not just years, a lot of people knew but kept lips zipped.




4 responses

10 05 2016
David In TN

From what I can tell, Sandusky’s victims were always white.

10 05 2016

The ones that have gone public all have been. I presumed at first that:


10 05 2016
Alex the Goon

His name reminds me of a Rammstein song, Bueck Dich, which someone should be singing to Boeckmann in jail.

11 05 2016
David In TN

BTW, Joe Paterno was a big favorite of the cucks, indeed he was one himself. John Ziegler, a cuck/lamestream type, has been defending Paterno of the “not reporting” charge for several years at framingpaterno.com.

Ziegler is now claiming Sandusky himself is innocent of the sexual abuse charges. This was a switch from Ziegler’s original stance.

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