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9 05 2016

Flint, Michigan


She avoided her fair share of the responsibility for the Flint water crisis, as most everyone was screaming Rick Snyder Rick Snyder Rick Snyder.  Largely I think as a diversion to keep the blame off her.  You get one guess why.

Anyway, she’s not letting a good crisis go to waste.




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10 05 2016
Hard Right

Shocking video: Mother’s Day brawl breaks out at Atlanta area restaurant


The fight broke out at Kiku Japanese restaurant in East Point, near Atlanta, after an employee smiled at a problematic customer, according to the police report.

Son says he lost around $5,000 between damage and the people who got up and left without paying.

10 05 2016

Waiting for the Tommy Sotomayor video.

10 05 2016
Hard Right


Relatives’ fury as black church plans to KEEP over half the donations received after race hate massacre last year – doling out just $1.5million to victims’ families

11 05 2016
Hard Right

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