Vested Interests

9 05 2016

New York

Bla Bla:  Feds won’t bail out PR because racism.

Just wait, Bla Bla, Paul Ryan is already on the case.

Though it makes you wonder why Bla Bla cares so much about PR.

Easy:  First off, the city has a load of Puerto Ricans, and since PR natives are already citizens, they can vote wherever else in the country they move to, including New York.

Then there’s the matter of the PR bailout being largely a disguised Wall Street bailout, and guess which city Wall Street is in.

Double whammy, and by that, I don’t mean two Wham songs in a row.




3 responses

9 05 2016

It is all talk. De Blasio and New York City has the resources to bailout PR, but want others to pay.

9 05 2016

Bill Clinton commuted the sentences of a bunch of FALN guys in order to help his wife win the PR vote in New York when she was running for Senate in 2000. PRs must be something of a volatile voting constituency.

9 05 2016
Alex the Goon

As They keep telling us, immigrants are a boost to the economy. We in the States have been selfishly robbing PR of its most precious resource: PRs. It’s only fair that we round them all up and ship them back to their lovely tropical paradise.

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