Yoots vs Yarmulkes

10 05 2016


And some text to go with it.

Shot and chaser:

“I don’t see any reason why they would hate the people around here, because if we all live in the same neighborhood, we are supposed to be as family,” Bai said.

Uh, no.




9 responses

10 05 2016
john jones

“The smoke was just black — jet black,” Bai said.

Remember that book about the Negro leagues, “Only the Ball Was White”?
From the looks of this video, “Not Only the Smoke Was Black”.

10 05 2016
Alex the Goon

“The age of these kids, they’re young children. Where are they getting this from? What’s teaching them to do such things?”
[Scottish dog raises his paw]

10 05 2016

I do believe blacks hate Jews more than whites. And if whites ever want to make friends with blacks all it takes is for whites to speak out against the Jews.

10 05 2016
Alex the Goon

I believe the most inane jew-hating, Hitler-was-right comments I’ve ever heard, came from a negro’s mouth. The only one I remember verbatim: “Congressman Wiener? What the hell he doin, sextin pitchers of his dick to other wimmen, when he got a fine-ass woman at home? No wonder Hitler wanted to kill all the jews!”
And after that one, what’s the point of trying to remember the others?

10 05 2016
David In TN

Back in the 60’s, one Stokely Carmichael was the media’s favorite “Black Power” advocate. Once he was asked if there was any white man he admired. Unhesitatingly, Carmichael answered, “Hitler.”

10 05 2016

There’s a long history of black aggression against Jews in the US. Almost without exception, Jews do not respond in kind. The parents of these yoots should be required to pay for the bus – along with the “black community” as a whole.

11 05 2016

This time around, nobody will have to worry about any response, because the response is going to be AFFH.

11 05 2016

There’s a long history of jewish aggression against whites in this country, which continues to this day. Jews are massively in favor of non-white immigration to the USA and essentially dislike Christianity, the religion of the whites. Why should whites tolerate this?

12 05 2016

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