11 05 2016

Salem, Oregon


Hot tub time machine time.  Sorry, no skinny dipping.

Dial it back to precisely two years ago today, May 11, 2014, long before anyone had formally announced their campaign, and when the conventional wisdom is that 2016 would be Jeb Bush (back then, he didn’t have an explanation point) versus Hillary Clinton.  And let’s show the people of precisely two years ago this screen shot with this chyron.  The big one, not the small scrolling one.  And tell them that this would be on TV precisely two years from that day.

They would have thought you were some sort of nut.

Bernie Sanders, not an elected Democrat in the Senate and not the House before that, is arguing that he’s the better Democrat to defeat the Republican nominee, who turns out to be Donald Trump?

Here’s the whole vid.




2 responses

11 05 2016

that fake insecure laugh after “oh really oh really?”

11 05 2016

Laughable. Somewhere there’s an oven that’s missing Mitchell.

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