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12 05 2016



BenFred: Mizzou athletes look shortsighted in wake of protests

Mizzou student athletes, please hear this:

You look uninformed. You look entitled. You look like you are willing to hurt your university for reasons you can’t really explain.

These are the things your critics are saying about you.

Stop proving them right.

When the Mizzou football team boycotted in November, I wondered about a potential ripple effect. Student athletes, a vital yet so often voiceless cog in the NCAA’s money-making machine, were reminded of their power. How would they use it moving forward?


The softball team will probably wish it handled this differently. I also wonder how the football team feels now about its decision to join forces with Concerned Student 1950 six months ago.

It was the team’s two-day boycott, not Jonathan Butler’s hunger strike, that pushed former UM system president Tim Wolfe from office. Concerned Student 1950 targeted Wolfe for a lack of response to a series of racially motivated events on campus. The football team showed him the door.

And they still don’t get it.

Speaking of Jonathan Butler…




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12 05 2016
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