Coat Tails

12 05 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

I’ve written here several times and in other places that Trump will have no downballot coattails, because he’s exciting new constituencies that themselves don’t have much interest in the red team.  I can easily see Trump winning Wisconsin yet Ron Johnson losing to Russ Feingold for Senate, on the same state on the same ballot on the same day.

This is why it’s a PR blunder for Democrats to try to portray Trump and the whole rest of the Republican Party as one and the same.  If they had any sense, what they should be doing is going in the opposite direction:  Separate Trump from the rest of the red team, and convince as many people as possible that he ain’t them and they ain’t him.  After all, you don’t want voters in Wisconsin going into the box thinking that Ron Johnson and Donald Trump are samey same, do you?

I’ve been worried that the red teamers that have done nothing but hate Trump for almost a year are now going to try to latch on to his coattails, and I’ve been warning all of you not to watch out for it and not fall sucker for it.  Now I’m telling you blue teamers:  If you want the Senate back, don’t falsely create coattails.




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