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12 05 2016


Hoft relays Pew polling data.

I commented over there:

Of course if one defines conservatism as just a synonym for populism and nationalism, as this poll does, then Trump’s supporters will fit right in. But that’s not what conservatism, according to soi disant conservatives, the sorts that are bitching about Trump and his supporters not being trew conservatives, really means. What they mean by conservatism is more or less egalitarianism that happens to believe in some semblance of a libertarian economic agenda.

The average person who tries to digest the news has to be getting dizzy over the constant and seemingly contradictory complaints that Trump is too right wing and Trump is not a real conservative. The average person doesn’t think that both can be true in the same space at the same time. However, as the owner of a Ferrari mind, I know there’s a way to reconcile them. And, I just did above.





7 responses

12 05 2016
David In TN

I remember taking a look at cucksultant Rick Wilson’s twitter account a few months ago. He said something like “National Populism isn’t Conservatism.”

12 05 2016

You should have RTed it.

12 05 2016
Hard Right

Or posted it here.

12 05 2016
Hard Right

12 05 2016
Alex the Goon

I’m too afraid to look, so I’ll just ask: Is StopTrump PAC a real org?

12 05 2016
Hard Right

Don’t know how real they are, but they’ve got 9,102 followers on Twitter.

12 05 2016

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