Why I’m #NRx

12 05 2016

Washington, D.C. and Minneapolis

“Devastating inside look at the dark side of Congress…”

If that’s a synonym for “shit I already knew,” then I guess it is just that.

Further down, far from being “devastating,” it reads that the book will “come as little surprise to Americans who are cynical about the political process.”  This is where we mash up Congressman X with Generation X, and say that X marks the spot.  This is why it’s cool to be this cynical, because when you are, the world can’t piss you off.  When you really expect nothing of people, people meet your expectations with flying colors.

And it is also more evidence of why I’m #NRx.  Consider:

And the take-away message is one of resigned depression about how Congress sacrifices America’s future on the altar of its collective ego.

‘We spend money we don’t have and blithely mortgage the future with a wink and a nod. Screw the next generation,’ the author writes.

‘It’s about getting credit now, lookin’ good for the upcoming election.’

Most people would attribute this to the moral failings of some of the people who operate within a democratic republican system, that the solution is to find people with better morals and plug them into the same system, or maybe make some tweaks to the system.  #NRx attributes this to the democratic republican system itself, that a system wherein people only have genuine political power in as much and as so long as they finish first place in plebiscites is one that will either attract these very sorts of “screw the next generation look good for the next election” kind of people, or turn otherwise good people into those kinds of knaves once they’re inside the borg.

Congressman X doesn’t have to worry about helping to run up almost $20 trillion of red ink, because he won’t be in Congress when the day of reckoning happens.  King X does have to worry about running up debt, because he sees in his own house the people that are directly girded from his own loins and whose hides it will be taken out on.

Now, if you pardon me, I have to whet my cynicism.





3 responses

12 05 2016

A certain percentage of these faggots cannot be surprised that we’re pissed.

13 05 2016

you’re giving faggots a bad name. at least they have a standard.

13 05 2016

another excellent reason for term limits. and to abolish idiot bureaucracies like the epa or at the least take their teeth out so that the only real power they have is to recommend to congress what should be done.

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