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13 05 2016

South Florida

Rush, on World War T:

Is all this being used as a smokescreen to distract from us other things the Regime is doing?  And do not doubt that one.  Do not doubt this is designed to get all the social issues people all ratcheted up and loaded for bear and energetic, to start writing pieces and going on TV to talk about it, while the Regime is over here unobserved doing whatever it is that’s really on their mind.  So is this just a distraction?

Proving that someone on Rush’s staff reads this space.

Is it about continuing to get gay money for the Democrat convention and the election?  Is this about fundraising?  ‘Cause there’s not much more to do on the gay agenda.  They got gay marriage, and we’re close to putting you in jail if you won’t bake a cake for a gay wedding.  We’ve got pretty much everything, but you have to keep the group happy.

Proving that someone on Rush’s staff reads Steve Sailer.  It’s diminishing marginal returns.

A theory I read in a YouTube comment thread several days ago, that one big driver of man-to-woman transgenderism is gay men trying to make straight men who because they’re straight never want gay men or any other men so the gay men become women in order to attract straight men, makes a lot of sense, because it really solves the mystery of why Gs are so damned defensive of Ts and Gs will go to the wall for Ts in all ways you could imagine.  Even though on the surface, G and T have nothing to do with each other.  Sure, they have their Grand Acronym/Coalition of the Fringes/Mutual Defense Treaty thing going, but that wouldn’t explain why Gs are so sociopolitically enthralled with Ts.  A lot of Gs think they might or eventually will want to become Ts.




One response

13 05 2016
Alex the Goon

And how many M-to-F T’s, trying to lure straight guys, are prostitutes trying to expand their customer base? There can’t be a verifiable answer, but it has to be significant.
If Rush worries that this is to distract us from the real issues, then why is he discussing it? At all? If he’s getting callers on the topic, he should answer maybe one per week:
“Hey Rushbo, firsttime longtime. Didja hear about this bathroom controversy?”
“Yeah, vaguely. It’s absurd.”
“Can you believe they wanna let PERVER—”
“Yeah, it’s absurd. Thanks for the call. Goddammit Snerdley, quit letting these nitwits through. Adults are trying to talk.”
This is all a big piss-take by the (((owners))) of big media. Sixty years ago, if you tried to hold a dialectical discussion about trannies or fagcakes, you’d quickly wind up in a rubber room, or beaten half to death.

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