Weekend Trump Stack

13 05 2016


And open thread.

* PJB’s last two columns have been really good and have included a lot of forgotten history.  One thing he could have added was that the outcome in ’64 was foregone for a reason that the non-winner of that election knew all along:  Because JFK was assassinated not even a year before election day.  And electing Barry Goldwater would have meant three different Presidents in a 15 month time span.

* “Now he’s doomed if Romney doesn’t back him?  Nonsense.”  And a pretty good riposte, I might add.

Five paragraphs down, and someone else is pouring cold water all over the “strongest field in a generation” conventional wisdom.

* It happens every year, and the answer is still the same.  There are women, and then there are women.  The dictionary definition of a woman is an adult female human being, the political definition of a woman is an adult female human being who is not both white and married.  Hint:  Republicans win married white women, Democrats win all other women.  Also, we never hear “gender gap” in terms of Democrats’ problems with white men.

* “Race quarantining” is a concept I’ve know about for a long time, and I know Democrats do it and a willing media helps by keeping quiet, but it’s really clever to refer to it with those terms.

I also find the official labor union response to be both underwhelming and contradictory.




One response

13 05 2016
David In TN

Speaking of 1964, Goldwater often said something like “I knew I couldn’t win. I ran to keep it (the nomination) away from the Eastern Establishment.”

Goldwater didn’t especially want to run after Dallas, but Rockefeller would have staggered to the 1964 nomination if he hadn’t.

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