Day, Rooined

15 05 2016



What if I would have gone there and told everyone there that there is no such thing as the school-to-prison pipeline?

That would have totally ruined their day.

And what if I would have told them on top of that that all they are observing is the fact that the same ooklets who misbehave in school and therefore get suspended are the same kind of ooks that commit felonies and therefore get sent to prison?

Well, let me put it to you this way:  Part of their march passed them by the county jail, and if I would have done that, they probably would have thrown me under it.

The caption of this photo:

Hayden Collins, 6, holds hands with his mom, Carrie Collins, of Charlack, as they march to protest the criminalization of youth by schools, police and the juvenile justice system…

Let’s jump in the blogmeister hot tub time machine (no skinny dipping) and dial that thing forward ten years.  We’ll see in May 2026, that 16-year old Hayden Collins, a student at Fort Zumwalt West High School, (his mother got an AFFH voucher to move to O’Fallon back in 2019), accidentally called a transgender woman who used to be a man “he.”  Now, World War T will want to prosecute that as a capital crime, but remember, ten years ago, his mother marched him in a protest against excessive school punishments.  How will the P-D of the day cover the story?  Which will it consider the bigger social injustice?  Transphobic pronouns, or the school-to-prison pipeline?




7 responses

15 05 2016
Alex the Goon

Hayden Collins, 6, holds hands with his mom, Carrie Collins – Must be two of the good ones; their last names match.

15 05 2016

If the boy’s father’s name is Collins, then we’ve got an IKAGO situation on our hands.

15 05 2016

I think both groups will be much weakened 10 years hence, but if WWT still has any power at all, they’ll win that one.

16 05 2016

We have to get together and pop some wheelies on the school to prison pipeline.

16 05 2016
Alright Dan

The look on the kids face, he’s looking at his mom, like he’s saying:

Bitch, what did you drag me out here for, when I could be at home playing video games or a ball game or toys. If looks could kill.

18 05 2016

I love your thought experiment! I think that if WWT succeeds, it could end up becoming yet another unwitting example of racial realities. Remember that MTF tranny that got stomped by 2 black chicks in a McDonald’s in Baltimore? That will be happening in the girl’s bathrooms of diverse, vibrant schools nationwide. And think about how the press will strain not to reveal the demographics of the dindus raping FTM’s in the boy’s rooms. Cue the next crusade, which will be for the single-occupant, gender-neutral restrooms they rejected in the first place.

18 05 2016

Chicago Public Schools now has a transgender “proper” pronoun policy. As if it’s going to be possible to enforce it against all its NAM students, with today’s anti-suspension zeitgeist and all the paranoia about the pipeline.

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