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15 05 2016


Here’s the slight downside of the growing SWPL urban bike culture:  Bikes are easier to steal than cars, there’s a certain demographic that loves to steal, and they live close to SWPLs.  They do for now anyway, before AFFH gets going.

*  It was around 1990 that I saw a QuikTrip (QT) for the first time.  It was the one on the corner of Lemay and Bayless, in fact, it’s still there.  From there, Tulsa-based QT has grown and grown and grown in the St. Louis area so much that it now wields the big stick on regional gas prices.

Pha pha phaaaaaaaaaaa.

(Inside joke)

*  Time was, we strived for something higher than 158th place.

Remember, this is the facility that would have bordered the hypothetical new Rams stadium to the north.  This is one of several reasons why I knew the hypothetical new Rams stadium was public relations bluster and vaporware all along to make people think that local officials were serious about a new stadium, so that when the inevitable they all knew would happen actually did happen, civic officials wouldn’t get the blame and Stan Kroenke would get all of it.  Seriously, though, a stadium bordering a halfway house?

I also wonder why now.  Why all this complaining now, when this has been a problem for years.  If I had to bet, I’m wondering if city officials and the Nixon administration are working on a deal either to move it, close it, or lock it down, the deal being made in Nixon’s last months in office, just in case the next Governor is a Republican, and therefore, not St. Louis City friendly.  Though like I’ve been saying in another one of my recent hobby horses, no Republican will be Governor any  time soon as long as he or she openly advocates RTW.


*  Netflix streaming probably still does have “Chicagoland” available for viewing.  If it does, it’s definitely worth the time.  And if you watch closely, you’ll probably understand why this news should not be surprising to you and was close to death-and-taxes inevitable.

Her evidence?  That she walked into a Crook County courtroom and saw that the defendants were mostly NAM while the judges were heavily white, (MUH DISPUT IMPAK), and she heard a few maybe-kinda-sorta pejoratives being used.

I think you’re going to need a stronger case, dear.

*  Sorry, when I think of the many problems of the CPS, gender pronouns don’t come anywhere near the top, or the middle, or the bottom of the list, or even near the list itself.  It says here that those who don’t use proper gender pronouns commensurate with the screwball’s chosen gender identity will be punished.  Punished?  How?  Remember, we can’t suspend them, because MUH DISPUT IMPAK and school-to-prison pipeline.

You gotta love these screwball leftists and their screwball intersectionalities.

*  Another whack job intersectionality is popping off:  There is starting to be a serious crash at the intersectionality of the politics of urban government graft and cronyism and where applicable organized labor on one side and MUH DISPUT IMPAK and its racial implications on the other side.


*  Silver Mines gives a fancy name and some mathematical and historical rhyme and reason to my concept of throwing the TKO in primary and caucus season:  Gain-Deficit Ratio.

Heads you win, tails I lose.


That damned Carrie White, again.

“Oh, you’re paranoid, looking for conspiracy under every rock and behind every tree.”

NBD in the greater scheme of things, but at least we know who did it, based on a word he wrote in the note.  “Nigga” (note the spelling) is quickly becoming a non-pejorative and almost as quickly becoming an aracial appellation.


*  Regress has found a way to get around ObamaDontCare:  It is calling itself a small business.  While they’re in the process, maybe they can call themselves a startup as well?


I find it strange that Jesse is the one under fire here.  He has nothing to prove to anyone.  To me, the bigger curiosity is what JMLP was thinking.  Though I’m probably writing too much into it myself, too.

One more thing:  I hope JMLP checked his food for human spit before he ate — Jesse has a history of spitting in white people’s food.


Ready to argue balls and strikes with a bot?  Can’t exactly accuse a bot of having bad eyesight.  Also amusing will be the first time that roboump sends someone to the showers.

*  Millennials don’t do gym showers.  Why would they do nude beaches?

The old joke about a million monkeys and a million typewriters and a million years, turns out not to be that much of a joke.

Islamophobia causes global warming?  I thought global warming causes Islamophobia.

IDEA:  Find a way to roll together Islamophobia, global warming, and cishet privilege.  Then go on a speaking tour.  I’ll make a fortune off these suckers.  These screwball leftists with their whack job intersectionalities are real saps.




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15 05 2016
Hard Right

“I have gotten over 50 girls’ phone numbers, so life is pretty good,” Callow said.

Car Scratch Game.

15 05 2016
15 05 2016
15 05 2016
Alex the Goon

Long time ago, the rising sun lit up my entire windshield and I hit a neighbor’s bumper at 5mph. Maybe 6mph. Got out, looked it over, wrote a note with all my info, and just before finishing, guy comes out to see what’s going on. So I tell him, hand him the note, he reads it, then walks to the back of my car to see if my license plate matches the note. One more small detail —- NOBODY WAS WATCHING, and the fucker thought I was leaving a fake note. One block from my house. On top of all that, it wasn’t even his car, but a company rental. Total bill was $125 (not including the $50 “admin fee” they were stupid enough to ask for).
Who says homogeneity makes for a high trust society?

16 05 2016

Late Chicago entry:

They know why the whites were turned away, because the buyback sponsors knew what they did three years ago. And it’s not like any of these people don’t know the problem; we all want to name the ook without actually naming the ook.

16 05 2016

Another late Chicago story:

Notice the contradiction with the CPS gender pronoun story. That said, this “project gentlemen” sounds like it’s shot through with cisnormativity.

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