Problems in Paradises

16 05 2016

Washington, D.C. and Manhattan

A Politico twin spin.

I’ll make them both really easy for you.

First one:  Trump is just a little bit less pro-Israel than the typical Republican Presidential contender, and he also notices things about groups of people, and says things like “America first,” implying that some groups of people are more important to him than others.  Therefore, Nazi.

The irony about the Jews rapping him over his no Muslim immigration plans is that neoconservative Jews are often accused of irrationally whipping up “hatred” of Muslims and only Muslims, while at the same time doing all they can to make sure that nobody else is allowed to “hate” anyone else.  They wouldn’t allow us to hate blacks even half as much as they themselves hate Muslims.  This criticism doesn’t apply to leftist or liberal Jews, and most Jews are, because they won’t want us to hate anyone.

Second one:  Julian Castro is not really that much of a big hit in progressiveville.  This article is about a TARP-style program to buy out and renegotiate obviously insane subprime-era affirmative action mortgages, and as it turns out, Castro is running it for the benefit of Wall Street.  That has put him on the shit list of another well known Hispanic politico, Arizona Democrat Congressman Raul Grijalva.  This article only once mentions AFFH, and in passing.  (See below.)  But wait until blacks find out that he is the cabinet level impresario of a program to move blacks out of cities and out in the middle of damn all suburbs.  Once they do, they’ll be another constituency who will want to cook his rump, that is, if they’re ever allowed to think about things without someone screaming in their ears about the Klan.

Also note these unsurprising Castro apologetics:

“Castro has a strong record at HUD fighting on behalf of progressive issues including protecting those with criminal records, standing up for LGBT rights and advocating for more inclusive communities through affirmatively furthering fair housing,” said one person close to the secretary.

Like I’ve been saying, when leftist-populist people start noticing that you’re a plutocratic sock puppet, start yelling SJW themes.






2 responses

16 05 2016

Third one, albeit not Politico:

Netting it out: The instability of the Coalition of the Fringes is starting to bubble up to the surface, helping it along is the fact that so many members of construction and trades unions are swallowing the red pill and hearing the Trumpeting.

16 05 2016

Castro is changing course:

Also they keep referring to him as a former San Antonio mayor, when in that city, mayor is a low pay ceremonial position; the real power is wielded by a six figure salary city manager.

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