Brun in the Backstretch

17 05 2016


I’ve been saying for months that the two real contenders for GOV-R are Catherine Hanaway and Peter Kindercare.

I’m getting the feeling that John Brunner can pull it out, that he’s starting to gather some momentum.



Brunner is currently not a public office holder, even though this is not his first statewide campaign, as I know firsthand.  However, that he is not currently an elected official, and Kindercare is and Hanaway has been, is going to help him in a climate like the current one.  That, and his media campaign, while still banal, and still far from ideal, seems to be a little lighter on its feet and varied than his robotic buys four years ago:  “I OPPOSE OBAMACARE MUH HANDWIPE COMPANY.”

Another thing working in his favor is that he doesn’t have any personal quality that turns people against him.  Kindercare’s “indiscretions” over on the East Side have not been forgotten, and Hanaway, a woman with a just abrasive enough personality, will turn off enough Republican women voters, such that Brunner can eke this thing out.

However, one other thing I’ve been saying for months that I have not changed is that for any Republican who wants to be Governor, advocating RTW means losing the election.




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17 05 2016
John Jones

Brunner is listed on Wikipedia as having endorsed Scott Walker. After Walker dropped out I dont know why he didnt switch to Trump. He needed to take a gamble that would pole vault him over the other candidates. By the time Jeb was knocked out, anybody with any horse sense knew that none of the other candidates left could beat Trump. Brunner had the perfect “tie-in” with their both being businessmen. There are going to be a lot of Trump fans in August who won’t know who to vote for for Governor. Brunner woulda, coulda, shoulda been able to say, “I was the first statewide candidate in Missouri to endorse the people’s choice”.

17 05 2016

Imagine, Brunner openly endorses Trump and opposes RTW and PP. I mean, like, differentiation, it’s like a thing.

I guess I’m asking for too much.

18 05 2016
Area Man

Ever notice that when he talks about how he lead Vi-Jon to merge with Cumberland Swan he neglects to mention that merger was a result of both companies being bought by Berkshire Partners ? (Nearest I can tell they have nothing to do with Berkshire Hathaway.)

Reminds me of the IL governors race a few years back when one of the candidates made a big deal about how he had run the shampoo company Helene Curtis and would use that experience to manage the states financial problems. The way he managed Helene Curtis’ financial problems was selling out to Unilever. I wondered if he had a plan to sell Illinois to the Dutch.

18 05 2016

I think it’s more fundamental than that. Brun be like: Trust me with lots of political power, because I started then “sold” a handwipe business. Like, whatever.

14 07 2016
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