Claire Enlists Into World War T

17 05 2016

Jefferson City

She tells the Nixon News Network that she’s on board with Obama’s transgender policies.

She just had to remain on as Senator, because she was so much more qualified than someone who said the words “legitimate rape.”




4 responses

17 05 2016

That’s our Claire, she’s just a good ole Missourah farm girl with Missourah values that backs the leftist progressive agenda 100% – no matter how twisted and perverted it gets. So glad enough of my fellow Missourians backed her, she’s the gift that just keeps on giving.

17 05 2016

It seems like half her fundraisers during the ’12 campaign were in San Francisco.

17 05 2016

She is just trying to tell us that it is the current year.

I love that new meme by the way.

18 05 2016

Koster isn’t as quick to sign on with WWT, he wants the Feds to slow down and is mulling a lawsuit.

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