Mahogany Parades

18 05 2016


Schmaltz about the Annie Malone Parade.

Reality about the Annie Malone Parade.

It makes me wonder why it was moved from the north side neighborhoods at and near the Annie Malone House to Downtown several years ago.  The official reason was that a Downtown parade had easier logistics.  I think as much as anything, it was black people doing the looksatme.




2 responses

18 05 2016

First story – made up.

Second story – notice how they have a flash of three white men arrested for home invasion just before the story. Like they weren’t able to edit it. Yeah, right. It’s similar to the widespread practice of having having a “See who’s been arrested” link with a white mugshot on every story about the latest black atrocity, particularly when the victim is white.

25 05 2016
Area Man

Looks like the parade got a Colin Flaherty video.
The sped up footage of the “wee ones” twerking in the street made me lol. From now on all flash rob events need to be shown sped up with Yakety Sax as background music.

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