There’s Something Testy About This Fish

18 05 2016



Report: Female Students Beat Male Counterparts in Tech and Engineering Test

Female students beat males in the Technology and Engineering Literacy test, according to a report released Tuesday. Only 42% of males scored “proficient” or higher on the test, while 45% females scored proficient.

“We did not expect this pattern,” said Peggy Carr from the National Center for Education Statistics, despite reiterating that evidently “girls have the abilities and critical thinking skills needed to succeed in fields of technology and engineering.”

When the scores were broken down into genders within race, it was established that white females scored 162 points – 4 points more than their male counterparts – while black females scored five points more than their black male counterpart at 131 points.

Only Asian and Hispanic students scored similar points to the opposite sex of their race.

I’m already getting suspicious.  My whitey sense is tingling.

Something tells me that this test really isn’t about hard CSIT-STEM.

It’s like the firefighter entrance and promotion exams:  In order to have tests that pass muster with the Federal judiciary and have no hint of MUH DISPUT IMPAK, they have to be so easy that one would have to be severely mentally retarded not to get the questions correct.

All it took for me was to do a little Googling to find out a representative question from this test.  And I was right:  It’s not exactly a quiz that asks you to compare the specs of the Nvidia Pascal series with the Nvidia Maxwell series and speculate how that would affect game performance and benchmarks.  While skills like the informal systems integration of the rules and regulations of urban streets for better and safer bike paths are useful, I can assure you that Nvidia’s HR isn’t looking for that on resumes.




2 responses

19 05 2016
Hard Right

All intelligence tests are dumbed down normed so that women have the same average as men.

19 05 2016

They actually do, if you’re looking at the median. Women have a narrower standard deviation than men.

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