Last of the Mohicans

19 05 2016

Leverkusen, Germany

Bayer eyeing Monsanto.

I was wondering how long something like that was going to take, after we lost control of Purina and A-B.




One response

20 05 2016
Area Man

That would be sad. I was just thinking how much less of a presence in St.Louis Monsanto has now than in years past. They tore down the Queeny chemical plant. The Carondelet and W.G. Krummrich plant in Sauget are now part of Eastman along with the rest of the chemical division.

This occurred to me when I was reading about the history of the V.P. Fair. In the 80’s corporate sponsors would be Monsanto,Pet,AB and others. So many of those no longer exist or are now outpost of foreign companies, not international HQs.

People don’t realize how many technologies Monsanto devolved. Round up,Anso IV nylon carpet,Astro Turf & L.E.D.s come to mind. They made some of the first plastic Coke bottles. Unfortunately they also made Agent Orange and PCBs. From what I hear Agent Orange as it was deigned did not contain dixoin. It occurred if temperatures were not monitored closely during production. Monsanto alerted the government that Agent Orange was contaminated with dixon in 1952 and they ignored it.

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